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Inflate Your Next Party

Get ready for the main event with inflatable wrestling Wrestling Suit from Claremont, Illinois-based SUMO NATION. Two competitors enter, and chances are everyone hits the floor laughing before the first match is over. We offer a wide range of suit options, allowing you to tailor your event to fit just about any theme you like.

Are You Ready to Sumo?

We have skin colored suits, each with different colored diapers or trim. All other necessities are included, such as helmets, bladders, blower, and helpful instructions with hints to assist our valued customers with the laughing-out-loud fun. We offer the lowest sumo wrestling gear prices in the country—just $325.00 or less with applied discounts. Our customers pay no shipping costs or one penny above our flat-rate rental fee.

You will appreciate our service, as we only ask 3 things from you:
• Open Your Wrestling Suit Container
• Enjoy Your 3-Day Inflatable Wrestling Event
• Place the Sumo Wrestling Gear Back in the Shipping Tote & Set It Out for UPS™ to Pickup, as Sumo Nation Has Arranged & Paid for This Return Service.